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Waverley Girls' High School is very proud of the range of cultural activities it has on offer. We encourage as many girls as possible to participate in these activities, and have a great deal of fun with them as we learn and grow together. We believe that this is an essential aspect of a rounded education, and so hope to see our cultural side grow even more in the future.


List of Clubs at Waverley Girls High School
Club Day Teacher
Public Speaking Mondays Mrs Wentzel
Debating Tuesdays Mrs Lopes, Mr Sibanda, Mr Zimba
Chess Mondays and Fridays Mr Dube, Mr Gama, Mr Masocha
Reading Club Fridays Mrs Wentzel
Charity By arrangement Mrs Tsikada
Newspaper By arrangement Mrs Lopes, Miss Chiloane
Choir By arrangement Mrs Dladla, Charles
Drama Wednesdays and Fridays Mrs Lieveaux
Poetry By arrangement Miss Mathibe
Generation Earth By arrangement Mr Mugumbate



Drama club: The school hall, learners preparing for christmas play

Drama club: Teachers watching learners rehearsing for christmas play

Drama club: Parents watching the christmas play

Drama club: Students protest against rape

Chess Club: Learners play chess under the supervision of an educator