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Waverley Girls' High School

Welcome to Waverley Girls' High School. In line with our motto "Quantum In Nobis" (Within Us Lies Great Potential), we aim to teach and inspire learners to realise their full potential and be the best they can be academically and in their extra mural activities. We use best practice teaching and mentorship methods that help our learners acquire essential life skills to equip them for a happy and prosperous life after completing high school. This will enable our learners to be of value to society at large. We have an optimal teacher to learners ratio to ensure that each learner is known well and we offer a broad range of subjects and experience. Our website covers the following essential aspects of the school: the history of the school, vision, and mission, a gallery highlighting our sports, facilities and clubs. The academic section of our website lists the academic subjects offered at the school.

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A good teacher is like a candle, it consumes itself to light way for others.
- Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

Mr M M Seopa

Mr Seopa Principle has played the role of a father figure to many of our learners. He has been at Waverley Girls High School for 9 years. He holds a Post Graduate B. Ed(Hons) Advanced Certificate in IT and Education.

Mrs A Wankle

Mrs Wanckel Deputy Principle has been at Waverley Girls High School for almost 28 years. She has a BSc(Hons) in Psychology and an ACE School Leadership and Management Diploma. Mrs Wanckel manages curriculum by being a SAT co-ordinator.

Mrs M M Mabotja

Mrs Mabotja Deputy Principle has been at Waverley Girls High School for 3 years. She holds two Diplomas in Education and Honours in Leadership and Management. She is the GET Co-ordinator, responsible for LTSM and Administration.

Our Foundation

Waverley Girls' High School

In January 1953 Waverley Girls High School was born, at first a nameless infant. The 261 enrolled girls occupied eight prefab classrooms in a corner of the grounds of a boys school nearby. Six months later, the school moved to a home of its own. This was not a very grand home. It was a simple, new prefab building on the Northview High School site adjoining Balfour Park. The grounds were unfenced, and stray cows roamed the grounds at will. The permanent building was ready for occupation in July 1954 and officially opened in March 1955 by the Administrator of the Transvaal, Dr W Nicol. Waverley Girls High School is a former model C school situated in the heart of Waverley, Johannesburg. Today it boasts learners from Alexandra, Berea, Yeoville, Hillbrow and Soweto. A few learners reside in the neighbouring suburbs. Waverly Girls High is proud of its culturally diverse community.

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