Our Curriculum

The selection of the right school to suit your daughter's personality and interest is one of the most difficult decisions a parent can face. Waverley Girls highschool endeavours to place the individual needs to each girls as a priority and will do everything possible to apprise you of all the school has to offer so that you are to make an informed decision . Waverley girls highschool has progressed through out the years, building a reputation for academics and sporting excellence so that our girls become the women of tomorrow , excelling at Universities and in various careers all over the country and abroad. Employes six qualified mathematics and mathematical literacy and one physical science teacher they encourage to develop themselves proffesionally in order to continually strive to assist learners in Mathematics, Mathematical literacy and Physical Science. Teachers prefer both externtion and intervention programmes for the learners.

We also a solar lab which offer online courses such as Solo Learn, Cisco and Inerd, during the pandemic, our educators put in so much effort by teaching learners online.

Subjects We Offer

We are currently offering the following subjects in the GET and FET phase

FET Grade 8-9

We offer Mathematics, Natural Science, Economic and Management Science, Technology, Creative Arts and Social Sceince.

GET Grade 10-12

We offer subjects such as Mathematics, Mathematics Literecy, Physical Science, Tourism, Geography, History, Accouting, Consumer Studies Life Sceince, Buisness, Arts, Economics.

Compulsary Subjects

It is a necessity that a student does the following subjects : (Mathematical literacy or Mathematics) only optional for grade 10-12, Home Language English, Life Orientation and First Additional Language either Afrikaans, IsiZulu or Sepedi.

Our Extra Murals

We offer extra-murals in Waverley Girls High School as we believe
that our students can spread their potantial in other facilities


We do progammes such as Robotics and coding, we like to engage more into technical stuff.

Science Lab

Our teachers took part in offering students extra lessons taking place every after school based on various subjects

Solar Computer Lab

We have engaged in online Courses such as Solo Learn, Inerd and Cisco giving our students an oppotunity to enrol into Digital Literacy powerd by Sci-bono.